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Is it too late to begin NaNoWrimo?



There are those years when we have a story brewed within our strata to belch out upon the tablet, and then there are years as this when life streaks past and we haven’t the time to pee, let alone write.

This is a year for me, Ondi Laure, to not have time to pee let alone write.

I did complete my manuscript, Morningstar, and I submitted it to the developmental editors a few weeks ago for its second round of edits.

This November, though, I am not writing. I’m creating a writing resource for others to launch ideas, stories, song… who knows? Let’s see what happens.

Changing the world one story at a time

Because Stories Change The World

Like you, I love the written words. I love to immerse myself within their meaning and devour potential realizations. There is much to be discovered within each book, manuscript, sentence. And there are so many untold stories out there floating unknown in the reading world.

And this is why we are launching story Launcher.

Because Stories Change People-People Change The World

Stories within each individual ought to be nurtured and challenged. Stories are all unique and vast and timid and these are the few that we seek at Story Launcher.

The publishing world is scary and harsh and does not deserve to have the power to slash any story yet to be told. This November as you max your wordcount and eagerly seek options for your work, Story Launcher invites all writers to come on in and join us as we prepare to challenge the muse.

It’s never too late to begin writing. Even in November!! 

Wishing luck and perseverance to all you NaNoWriMos…


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